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As we age, up to 30% of adults will develop gallstones. Fortunately, many people with gallstones never develop major problems, but some can suffer repeated episodes of pain, inflammation, or more serious complications such as blockage of the bile ducts or inflammation of the pancreas. 

Gallbladder pain commonly follows meals, is located in the upper right abdomen, can radiate to the back, and is frequently accompanied by nausea. Episodes of pain are often heralded by a pressure sensation in the upper abdomen. More serious complications may be signaled by fever, chills, persistent pain, jaundice, or dark, Coke-colored urine.

If you and your surgeon decide surgery is warranted, it can be successfully performed using minimally invasive techniques over 98% of the time. This allows more rapid return to normal activities and less discomfort in the post-operative period. 
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Common Sysptoms Of A Gallbladder Problem

  • Pain Upper Right Abdomen
  • Pain After Meals
  • Fatty Foods Intolerance
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