Minor Office Surgery

Minor Surgical Procedures by Experienced Doctors

Save Money on Minor Surgical Procedures

Many surgical procedures do not require the full capability of a hospital or surgery center facility. A wide range of surgeries can be performed safely and comfortably using local anesthesia at our in-office surgical suite. This is a convenient and highly cost-effective way to have minor procedures performed, while avoiding the facility fee associated with a more traditional surgical setting.

The in-office surgical suite at Findlay Surgical Associates is well-equipped to carry out minor surgeries using local anesthesia. With our minor office surgery facility, you can save surgery related expenses compared to traditional surgical centers. Learn more about out minor office surgery unit. Call 419-422-3812 today.

Extensive Range of Minor Surgeries We Perform
Removal of skin lesions and cancers 
Removal of fatty tumors or lipomas
Removal of sebaceous cysts
Temporal artery biopsy
Minor breast biopsies

Find out more about our in-office surgical services. Call
419-422-3812 today.
We are a local surgical facility providing prompt and intensive solutions for your surgical requirements. We have a team of board-certified surgeons.
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