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The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped structure that lies at the base of the neck, draped over the windpipe.  It produces a hormone that regulates the body's metabolism rate.  Historically, the thyroid gland was frequently the site of surgery for diffuse enlargement known as a goiter.  While a few people still suffer from this condition and occasionally require surgery for its treatment, surgery of the thyroid gland now is mostly associated with the evaluation and treatment of nodules and cancers.

Prior to consideration of surgery, evaluation of newly discovered growths may include a variety of imaging studies, especially ultrasound, and often ultrasound-guided needle biopsy.  These can usually be done in our office setting. 

A consultation for thyroid surgery will include the results and implications of the pre-surgical evaluation, treatment options, non-surgical alternatives, and the benefits and risks of those choices.  

Thyroid surgery is well-tolerated, and typically involves only an overnight stay in the hospital.

Comprehensive Treatment for Thyroid Nodules and Cancers

Let us evaluate your thyroid problem.  An examination, ultrasound and, if needed, biopsy can frequently be accomplished in a single office visit.

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